Sunday, 7 November 2010

Black & White?

The following images are black & white versions of some of my favorite images from the past 3 shoots, as much as i like the colour versions (because they are a reflection of reality), i think the monochrome versions add a more documentary/archival feel. In a photographic archive, like the one in Crosby library, the photographs used are usually black & white or are photocopied, therefore being presented to the public in black & white.
When i finally structure a selection of the images and supporting text into small hand made books, the images will be printed in black and white (to keep costs down) so i think it is important to edit and see them in monochrome at this stage of the project. However, when i eventually donate the images to the library, i will submit them in colour, as they will then photocopy and file them away for future reference.

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