Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Interview 3

Interview 3
Wednesday 10 th November @ 2.14pm
Crosby Village, outside Boots

How long have you lived in Crosby?

Sarah: Well, I have been between Crosby and Seaforth for the past 31 years

So did Crosby village play a big part in your childhood and your teens?

Sarah: When I was in school it did

So did you go there in your lunch times or anything?

Sarah: We weren’t supposed to go in lunchtime but we normally did, and after school....

Anything that happened in Crosby that sticks out in your memory?

Sarah: In Crosby village?

Yeah, yeah. But kind of when you walk through the village and look at certain shops, your like Oh I remember when this happened and….

Sarah: Only the butchers, that we used to fancy the butchers….that’s the only thing I remember, we used to let a bus go so we could stay outside and like, eye up the butchers.

I think the bus was about 15p so we would always have like 5p left or something, out of your 20p, go in the 50p shop, get some sweets and go and stand outside the butchers, we were only about 11.

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