Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shoot 5

The images below where all taken at between 7.15 am and 8.15 am on Tuesday 2nd November, this was to ensure that the majority of shops would be closed and also to get a similar quality of light as i got from shooting at sunset. I really enjoyed shooting at this time of the morning because it created a sense of the village being deserted and quiet, which is the feeling i am after. When editing the images, i started to think about why it is that i want the village to be portrayed in this way, and i came to the conclusion that, when walking through the village on a daily basis we don't give the amount of attention that the buildings and spaces really deserve. I haven't looked up and really noticed how beautiful some of the buildings are, especially at the time of day i have been shooting.

As i said in my last post, i am recording the bare shell of the village without its people, i am then going to conduct informal interviews and hopefully fill the village full of their invisible yet potent and traceable memories.

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